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At Gilbert Sonoma Oral Surgery, we serve the local community through our clinic and surgical center. We provide a wide range of services in order to meet your family’s every dental need.

From your initial consultation through post-operative care, our team will walk with you through every step of your dental procedure. Though we provide a comfortable and friendly environment, we take our work seriously and will provide you with the highest quality of care.

Dr. Sonny have cared for thousands of patients to improve their dental health and quality of life. We look forward to serving you too.

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Dr. Sonny Porter

DDS, Board Certified Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

Dr. Sonny Porter grew up in a small town in Idaho famous for potatoes and Philo T Farnsworth (the inventor of television).  He later spent two years exploring the beautiful country of Spain where he became fluent in Spanish.  After returning from Spain, he completed his undergraduate studies at Brigham Young University and met his beautiful wife, Emily.

Dr. Porter attended dental school at Loma Linda University in Southern California.  During this time, he had the chance to participate in numerous dental outreach trips to Mexico and Ukraine.  He worked in a small room that was converted to provide dental treatment in an orphanage just outside of Kyiv, Ukraine, and that is how he developed a passion for oral surgery. He witnessed firsthand how dentistry could impact the lives of others.

His Grandfather Porter served as a mechanic in the United States Army.  While in dental school, he followed in his Grandpa Porter’s footsteps and joined the United States Army.  Dr. Porter became a board-certified oral surgeon and spent the next nine years in the military in Washington State and Oklahoma providing oral surgery to members of the military and retirees.  Following his time in the military, his family spent two years in Iowa and loved every moment of living in the Midwest.

In his spare time, Dr. Porter can spend time with his wife Emily, three children, a golden retriever named Jane and an albino ball python named Lemonhead.  He enjoys coaching his daughter’s soccer and softball teams.  He also loves exploring skyscrapers with his son Charlie and is currently using his YouTube mechanic skills to restore a 1968 Ford Mustang with his oldest son Taylor.

Our Oral Services

Wisdom teeth removal is a surgical procedure to extract third molars from the jawbone, advised for pain, infection, crowding, misalignment, or potential cysts/tumors. Removal helps prevent complications. Learn more during a consultation with our team.

Dental implants are a durable solution for missing teeth, offering stability and natural function. While not suitable for everyone, alternatives like bridges and dentures exist. Explore the ideal choice for you during a consultation.

Advanced screenings help prevent the development of oral cancer and other diseases. It’s important to see a doctor when something doesn’t seem right.

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Our goal is to provide excellent care to the community we love.

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We accept most dental insurance plans! We are happy to contact your insurance provider to verify benefits when you schedule your appointment. We can also assist you as you navigate CareCredit or ProceedFinance, which provide flexible payment plans.

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The extensive education and experience of oral surgeons far surpasses that of dentists. There is no substitute for a high quality oral surgeon when it comes to your health and happiness.