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MiraDry Review Sweating through multiple shirts in a day is not unusual for me. The embarrassment of large sweat stains on my t-shirts weighed on my mind constantly. I would always carry extra tops to change into throughout the day. I’d wear sweatshirts in the Summer just to hide my hyperhidrosis. I live in Gilbert, AZ where it can reach up to 120 degrees and work in a medical office where the thermostat is set to FREEZING. No matter what the temperature was, the one thing that was constant was my sweaty underarms. I tried every deodorant on the market. I even asked my primary care provider to write me a prescription strength deodorant, which burned so bad I threw it out after the first use. I researched Botox for underarms which is super expensive considering you must keep it up every 3 months. Who can afford that? I came to terms that I just had to deal with my profusely sweaty armpits for the rest of my life. I heard of miraDry through a coworker. I was super skeptical. I read a ton of reviews and was so happy to hear that this SINGLE treatment has helped so many people like me. I was all in. I went to The Laser Spa at Sonoma for a consultation. My excitement and hope grew, but I still doubted that this would actually work for me. The day of the procedure was super easy. After a thorough cleanse of my armpits, I had five or six anesthetic injections. This was the most uncomfortable part of the procedure, but after the first two injections, I couldn’t feel the rest. They use a lot of anesthetic, not just to numb the area but to help turn the armpit from concave to convex. This makes it easier for the machine to make good contact with the skin. The Laser Spa at Sonoma uses a temporary tattoo to place on your armpit as a guide. This helps the technician make sure that they cover the entire area. This part for me was a breeze. No pain! After the procedure was complete, I was given ice packs and told to take ibuprofen for swelling. Post any procedure, I tend to swell more than most people. I had a fair amount of swelling due to having the highest level of miraDry done. I iced my underarms for 3 days along with taking ibuprofen. Each day my underarms became less swollen. I would describe them as a little “bumpy”. After 3 weeks I have no swelling, my underarms are COMPLETELY dry, no odor, and the bonus is I only shave my underarms about once a week. I’m so thankful for miraDry and The Laser Spa at Sonoma for making this a pleasant experience. I’m happy I did this for myself. I no longer walk around embarrassed and can wear whatever I want! Winning! 

- Sami G

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