Prescribed solutions professional skin care

Custom blended skin care

At Sonoma Medi-spa we offer a unique, custom blended professional skin care line by the company biopelle, called prescribed solutions.  This unique, simple-to-use professional skin care line offers a product for every skin concern; whether you have sensitive skin, prematurely aging skin, acne, or rosacea, we have a targeted product from this line to help.  Along with their cleansers, the regime is simple: cleanse, repair, and maintain.

In addition, prescribed solutions has created some of the most effective serums on the market to date.  Whether it’s brightening, firming, anti-aging, hydration, acne control, or firming, our serums offered can bring about noticeable improvements to anyone’s skin in a matter of weeks.

As everyone knows, living in the desert, the most important product to add to everyone’s everyday skin care routine is the sunscreen.  We offer a moisturizing spf50 sunblock that feels like a luxurious moisturizer.  You’ll never want to use another greasy sunscreen again!  Try our “up the anti” full spectrum sunblock, with triple action anti-aging day cream in an spf50.

PRESCRIBED solutions® [CUSTOMIZED SKINCARE] increases patient compliance and results by providing a simple, 3-step regimen of multi-tasking products with unique performance ingredients and added boosters for customization.